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The NDFMGA proposed summary resolution needed your INPUT! 
Thanks for your feedback. Continue to send comments and suggestions to Holly Mawby @

1)   ND Farmers Marketing and Growers Association (no ‘the’ change market to marketing) as voted on and approved is not correct in the resolution.

True, the resolution has been put out there as it was presented at the meeting so members who were not in attendance can comment.  We’ll see what comes from the comment and decide if we need to have another motion/vote.

2)   What would the Assn do for the Farmers Markets?

According to discussion held thus far, the Association would continue to do all the things it does now for farmers markets as they are an integral channel of marketing the products produced by farmers/producers.  There has been no discussion on changing the grant/conference/education/marketing of farmers markets, only the lobbying/legislation issues.

3)     Would there continue to be a conference? 

There has been no discussion regarding discontinuation of a conference, as you know though, the conference is only held because of the generosity of the NDDA in assisting us with the conference costs.  If the NDDA decided they could no longer support a conference, the Association would need to make the decision at that time if they could afford to do one. 

4)     What would be the issue if someone at a Farmers Market bought raspberries grown by a neighbor and made jelly that was sold at the market? 

This is a good question and one I think the committee and Advisory Board need to discuss further as this resolution does not make it clear.

5)     I think I understand what can be gained but I don’t understand what will be lost. 

As the resolution is currently written, nothing will really be lost, however it makes clear (as it is written) that the Association will not be responsible for the writing of or lobbying for particular legislation in regards to local foods, farmers markets, or small farm sales.  The conversation, and hopefully the wording, has been crafted to allow the Association to continue to testify on behalf of its members either for or against regulations, proposed laws, and resolutions, but not to actively lobby for or write them.  During the past legislative session, the Association was approached by members with the hopes the Association itself would carry the torch for new laws/regulations in the form of writing, sponsoring, or lobbying bills.  The Association was not able to carry through on this request.  This was a bone of contention with some members at the meeting who felt it is the duty of the Association to carry out these activities.  However, currently, with only volunteer board members and no paid staff, and with staff working for other government agencies that prevent them from lobbying or carrying out such duties, and no line item in the budget for such activities, the committee and board felt it was important to outline exactly what role the Association could play in the formation or change of regulation.  The Committee and Board felt, during the writing of the resolution, that it would be difficult with our budget to be not only a marketing association but also a funding and legislative association.  They felt that was a lot of things to ask of such a small organization.

As for what will be gained from the changes, hopefully a clearer mission of exactly what role the Association plays in the regulation and legislation of local foods, a broader membership base with a clearer role in assisting those producers and farmers who market their products themselves whether it be through a farmers market, CSA, on-farm sales or other means, and a clear mission to market the good food products (not just vegetables and fruit) produced in our state by the people of our state. 

     7)  I think promoting ND raised and made is commendable, but I believe the definition is to narrow.  People who sell baked goods at markets may buy many of their ingredients at Sams or other vendors. Scarves or scrubbers made with yarn not their own. I have seen bees wax candles and molded items from that wax and the person who does it has no hives. I could site other examples but you get the drift.  Have a great day, Hope I am not being too picky.



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